Scholarship Awards

McKivor Memorial Scholarship

The PNNA offered one scholarship to attend the 2023 British (UK) Token Congress, which took place in Northampton, England, Oct. 6-8, 2023, and will likely do so again for the next Congress scheduled for Oct. 4-6, 2024. Please see for details. The scholarship covers the Congress registration fee up to $300 (receipt required), with the recipient responsible for all other travel expenses.

Unfortunately, there were no applicants for the 2023 scholarship, although one person had expressed interest. Why not consider applying in 2024?

This scholarship is offered in honor of William (“Bill”) McKivor, 1940-2021. Bill served the PNNA in several capacities, including board member and election chairman, and was a regular PNNA dealer. He received the prestigious Bob Everett Memorial Award in 2014. He was born in 1940, the same year the PNNA was founded. In his business, The Copper Corner, he specialized in British tokens and medals (including especially Conder tokens) and American colonial coinage. He produced 100 fixed price lists over a 25-year period up to his retirement in 2020. He was founding member #3 of the Conder Token Collector’s Club. He travelled to the British Token Congress many times, and convinced a number of his British friends to attend a memorable British-American Token Congress in Seattle in May 2009.

Scholarship applications were due April 30, 2023. See the 2023 McKivor scholarship application form (PDF file) for more information and to apply. PNNA membership is required. (Will be updated for 2024 assuming this scholarship is offered again.)

ANA Summer Seminar Scholarships

Important information: This section is about PNNA-funded scholarships to attend the ANA Summer Seminar. Scholarships are also available from the ANA – see their website to apply. Applicants are normally not eligible to receive scholarships in the same year from both sources, however, exceptions may be considered if attending both sessions.

Due to Summer Seminar cancellations, the PNNA did not offer any new scholarships in 2021, and gave awards to previously selected recipients in 2022, but offered scholarships again in 2023.

The PNNA normally offers two full one-session scholarships for an Adult and a YN (Young Numismatist) collector to attend the annual ANA Summer Seminar, held on the campus of The Colorado College in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. There are two one-week sessions each year, typically held in late June or early July. PNNA scholarship details are available on the application form linked below.

Summer Seminar is an opportunity for numismatic scholarship and camaraderie offering students a wide and varied selection of week-long courses suited for anyone from the curious beginner to the most advanced numismatist. The ANA publishes a catalog of the courses available each year.

Encouragement to Apply

by Larry Gaye, 2008 winner and PNNA Past President.

Are all PNNA members aware of two PNNA scholarships to attend the annual American Numismatic Association’s Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs? Two full scholarships are awarded, one to an adult and one to a young numismatist.

As a recipient of a 2008 scholarship I would like to encourage all of you to consider submitting an application for the scholarship. What have you got to lose other than an opportunity of a lifetime to pursue your collecting interest, or investigate a new one? The only requirement once you attend the session of your choice is to write a remembrance of your experience to be published in The Nor’Wester.

In case you are unfamiliar with it, the Summer Seminar is a two week immersion into the many aspects of numismatics taught by the best people in their fields, from digital coin photography to engraving dies.

The two weeks are actually two distinct one-week sessions with totally different curriculum offerings; you can choose what aspect of the hobby you would like to investigate. There are also evening mini-seminars you can add on in case you haven’t had enough numismatics during the daytime sessions.

What a chance for a parent and junior to enjoy numismatics together. The junior programs are very well run, there is never a dull moment and the activities are amazing. A junior can look at collecting, writing articles, running an auction and very many other activities with adult chaperones to guide them along the path.

The application for numismatic nirvana is simple (see below). Check it out, who knows, maybe next year you will be on your way to Colorado Springs!

How to Apply

2023 scholarship application form (PDF file).
Check back around New Year’s Day for the 2024 application form.

This application form may also be available at certain coin shows and club meetings. Summer Seminar class listings are available by contacting ANA or online at the ANA Summer Seminar webpage. Questions can be directed to Danny Bisgaard, 503-588-8162, or email The winners will be added to the posted list of award winners after Summer Seminar is completed.

The form was revised in 2019 to clarify various details. For example, each scholarship includes tuition for the class of your choice, a double-occupancy dorm room and the on-campus meal plan. The PNNA also provides an additional $250 of travel expense reimbursement for the YN scholarship recipient. Please be sure to read this important information.

The revised application also clarifies that ages 13 to 17 are considered to be eligible YNs, however the PNNA may consider awarding the YN scholarship to a young collector in the 18-22 age range, as of the first day of the seminar, if there are no qualified younger applicants. Otherwise all applicants age 18 and older will be considered for the adult scholarship.

Applications are normally due at the end of February each year, and the winners will be notified as soon as possible, so they can complete their registration with the ANA. The deadline to register with the ANA for Summer Seminar was May 15, 2023. Check with the ANA for the 2024 deadline and ANA scholarship information.

Scholarship Award Winners

See a list of Summer Seminar scholarship award winners from 2003 (the first award) to date. There are also links to the post-seminar reports written by the recipients for publication in The Nor’wester. By reading these reports, you can learn a great deal about what to expect at ANA Summer Seminar!

Other PNNA and Club Scholarships

In addition to ANA Summer Seminar, the PNNA may also from time-to-time offer scholarships to other seminars such as the Coin Grading, Problem Coins & Conservation (ANA /PNNA Seminar) held Oct. 18-19, 2018 in Portland. Specific information is posted when other scholarships are offered. Local coin clubs may sometimes offer scholarships to regional or national numismatic events.