Scholarship Awards

The PNNA currently offers scholarships to the following two events and may sometimes offer scholarships to other events such as local numismatic seminars when they are offered.

ANA Summer Seminar – See ANA Summer Seminar Scholarships.
This event takes place in Colorado Springs annually in June and/or early July. Since it’s a national event, scholarships are also offered by the ANA and other organizations, but this page is primarily about the PNNA adult and YN scholarships to attend the seminar.

British (UK) Token Congress – See McKivor Memorial Scholarship.
This event takes place in England annually in October.

Scholarship Award Winners

See a list of Summer Seminar scholarship award winners from 2003 (the first award) to date. There are also links to the post-seminar reports written by the recipients for publication in The Nor’wester. By reading these reports, you can learn a great deal about what to expect at ANA Summer Seminar!

Other PNNA and Club Scholarships

In addition to ANA Summer Seminar, the PNNA may also from time-to-time offer scholarships to other seminars such as the Coin Grading, Problem Coins & Conservation (ANA /PNNA Seminar) held Oct. 18-19, 2018, in Portland. Specific information is posted when other scholarships are offered. Local coin clubs may sometimes offer scholarships to regional or national numismatic events. Join a club and ask!