PNNA Young Numismatist (YN) Activities

Scout Clinics and Numismatic Workshops. (Updated for 2020.)

YN scholarship available for ANA Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs – See the scholarship page (which links to the scholarship application). The deadline is February 1. This is normally an annual award, although the cancellation of the 2020 Summer Seminar could disrupt 2021 awards.

YN Program at PNNA Spring Conventions – The PNNA YN Treasure Hunt typically takes place all three days of the annual PNNA Convention, beginning about 3:00 PM on Friday. Young numismatists (YNs) ages 17 and under have the opportunity to earn free coins by finding stickers at various “stops” on the bourse floor. The YN program, usually run by ANA immediate past president Walt Ostromecki, is a hit with kids of all ages!! The Boeing Employees Coin Club (BECC) and/or other local coin clubs may also assist with the YN program. For more information about the BECC, see www.seattlebecc.org.

Typical Youth/Family activity details for annual (spring) convention:
(Some activities may differ from year-to-year. Please inquire at the show.)

  • 10-stop coin treasure hunt activity for youth and families, as described above.
  • Youth can earn and build a starter foreign currency collection through the hands-on activity “MATCH-Currency With Country.” Each correct match after the first six (from a total of 40) earns one piece of foreign paper money – mostly uncirculated pieces. Parents can assist and learn as well.
  • In the America the Beautiful (ATB) Quarter trivia challenge, youth can build or add to a collection of ATB Quarters to date. Quarters are all uncirculated P or S Mint issues. Youth earn one ATB Quarter for each correct answer after the first six.
  • The final activity is a take on the ANA’s “Treasures In Your Pocket” program which is a hands-on look at U.S. error coin collecting. Youth can search through rolls of coins ‘salted’ with a minor mint error: clip, overdate MM, Large-Small Date 1960 cents, lamination, extra fingers on 2009 Lincoln cent, etc. Each correctly found error piece is the youth’s coin to take home. Eight total possible.

YN Program at Willamette/PNNA Fall Convention – The always-popular Walt Ostromecki runs the program most years, sometimes with assistance from the Willamette Coin Club. Beginning in 2020, there will be separate WCC and PNNA fall shows, and both are expected to have a YN program.

Washington State (Puyallup) Fair – This popular event is held each September. The PNNA sponsors the annual coin exhibit in the Hobby Hall, with assistance from local coin clubs. We typically have handouts including magazine copies, event calendars, a coin club list and coins (including elongateds made with the PNNA “penny press”) for junior collectors! These handouts are also available at the spring and fall shows.

$5 YN memberships available (with online newsletter option) – see membership page.

Washington State Quarter Design Contest (held 2002-2005). Although this activity is long since over, you may want to consider a similar contest pertaining to more recent U.S. coin programs and designs; medal designs, etc.

American Numismatic Association (ANA) YN activities and projects

  • Your Newsletter, an electronic publication for and by young numismatists.
  • Summer Seminar courses and activities in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • David R. Cervin Ancient Coin Project.
  • Early American Copper Coin Project.
  • Convention Programs.
  • Treasure Trivia.

For current information, please see the ANA YN page. Programs may be subject to change from time to time.