President’s Message

This page is a summary of recent PNNA president’s messages, as published in The Nor’wester. For older messages/complete messages, please see back issues of The Nor’wester. There is normally a president’s message in each quarterly issue. Thank you!

President’s Messages 2021-2023 by PNNA President Ed Fischer

Ed Fischer
Ed Fischer

2nd Q 2023

by PNNA President Ed Fischer.


This last year has been full of life-altering events and a few serious stressors. I love some numismatics, but I have to say that it has taken a back burner. And I publicly apologize to all the amigos, clubs and contacts for the lack of attention paid to each. I am hoping soon to be through to the other side and back in the saddle of new adventures. Life altering events included retiring, selling our house, moving to the Boise area, spending the last year in MANDATE work mode and filing for Social Security/Medicare. Needless to say, I missed a few club meetings.

Not one of these was a simple process of making a decision and being done. Leaving my home base of the Willamette Valley clubs will leave a hole for me. I am hoping to find a great group of scholarly coin collectors and help local numismatics grow. PNNA will have its name dropped at every opportunity. Boise Coin Club, here I come. If you are in the Boise vicinity and looking to share your knowledge, reach out.

The few shows I have been able to attend have gone over like gangbusters. Saturday crowds have been up and the dealers I talked with were pleased with the busy numbers. People are out paying for quality U.S. type material and bullion has been moving despite the high premiums. Still a lot of uneasiness about inflation and where bullion will go. Silver dollars have gone crazy because of the history and silver weight of this big blob of metal.

An invitation is always open to any numismatist to come to our spring Tukwila membership (after show) or board (before show) meetings on April 15th. The Spring Show will open on the 14th and close April 16th. PNNA is now presenting both fall and spring shows. That’s two big shows being held in the Tukwila Community Center. Dates of the fall show are Oct. 6-8, 2023.

Other upcoming shows and events include:
March 2-4 – ANA National Money Show®
March 5 (one day) – Springfield, Ore.
May 28 (one day) – Albany, Ore.
April 16-22 – 100th ANA National Coin Week
June 22-25 – Early American Copper Convention, Portland, Ore.
June 17-29 – ANA Summer Seminar, Colorado Springs, Col., in two on-week sessions.
August 19-20 – Florence, Ore.

See this website for current up-to-date show information. And there are other private shows listed also.

There so many people who make numismatics happen in the Northwest. At any show and/or club meeting someone steps into the gap to smooth operations. They will go unnoticed because they don’t do it to search out recognition, or the group just got busy. In the long run you are noticed. In the membership meeting at the spring Tukwila show, I plan to hand out awards. There is no way to recognize everyone, but the folks who are recipients have been noticed.

One year left in my presidency and it has not been normal. We joked about how I was the president who shut down the coin shows; it was COVID actually. The entire team has merged together to get our regular events back on par and tweaked a few to evolve. We now have two shows in Tukwila, we are back to the full run of the Washington State Fair and scouts seem to be gathering their merit badges in mass. Just to mention a few. Meetings were held via messenger and business was running in the background. Events are happening successfully and mostly because of the volunteers in the Pacific Northwest. Thank you, all!

1st Q 2023

Winter of the Pacific Northwest — I heard at the recently concluded Salem Numismatic Society coin & stamp show that concern was had by those traveling great distances to attend. One dealer had 18 inches of snow to overcome to get to Salem. He was smart enough to travel one day earlier. Others dealt with frosty roadways Saturday morning. Sunday morning it started to snow and put quite a stir in the conversations. It stopped soon and we carried on with a great show. In the back of their minds, dealers started to pack up early to avoid the road hazards of Sunday evening. Overall, the show was well attended, and dealers seemed to be happy. Such is the drama of winter coin shows in the Pacific Northwest.

The local Portland and Wilsonville shows have great numbers of collectors attending. The new Portland location worked out spectacularly, with people two deep at some dealers. The Portland (Willamette) club put
on a great show and as a person on the collector side of the table, I saw no glitches to take away from the experience. Keep up the good work.

Call to business. The Board would like to discuss the many awards and rewards that PNNA has to offer. First, we do have Summer Seminar scholarships ready to be given out. Also, we are really trying to recognize those who have impacted numismatics. Know someone who has gone the extra mile—send me a note. It could be a volunteer, a person who has put on educational seminars at a club, or someone behind the scenes organizing club or show business. I NEED YOUR HELP!

Our next Board meeting is at the Boeing Employees’ Coin Club show, Jan. 21-22, in Kent, Wash. The evening of the 21st, right after the show closes, we will have our quarterly PNNA board meeting. This is a great opportunity for local numismatists to air their concerns and suggestions. We don’t know unless people talk to the Board about improving the hobby. Always looking for fresh insight.

On a personal note, I in recent years have been collecting 8 Reales of the 1st through 2nd Republic. I’m putting together a Mint and Assayer combination collection. I was really intrigued with the history of all the regions of Mexico and their mints. Some very interesting regional dynamics and international influence. Dies were often produced in Mexico City with their thumb of approval to mint in the various silver regions.

What I have found is that over the last two years there has been a huge uptick in demand for these pieces and the prices have accelerated too. This makes it more difficult to obtain the 1,100 or so PCGS examples for the Registry Set. The top collector is “only” at about 350 specimens. I just love the “Cap and Rays” design!

Onward I go and we will meet on the floor during our exploring. May your discoveries be many!

Upcoming Board Meeting Dates and Locations:

  • Jan. 21, 2023 at the BECC coin show in Kent, Wash.

Guests are always welcome to drop in on any board meeting – they are always open! The Board and Officers serve at your pleasure – please contact any one of us with your suggestions.

Ed Fischer, PNNA President,

4th Q 2022

More dynamic changes seem to be the norm. Whether it is a flushing out of COVID, economic downturns or the changing taste of collectors. Some items have gone flat and demand on others his blown prices right off the Greysheet. A few of my recent experiences have changed how and what I am buying. (See The Nor’wester for all of Ed’s message about the bullion and coin markets.)

Not all dealers are having the same experience when it comes to buying, selling, and pricing. Searching the bourse floor or local shop can produce great discoveries that can make any collector satisfied. Step out to dealers you have not dealt with before. You will find that the community is small and if a dealer has a table at an established show, they are probably trustworthy. They all buy, sell, swap with each other and are usually willing to give references for just about everyone in the room. Speaking of upcoming shows, please check the PNNA website under the “Events” heading.

I know that what and how I collect has always evolved. That evolution has made big changes over the last two years. It could have been COVID, it could have been economics or maybe I’m just maturing in my numismatic tastes. I have seen my “comrades in coin” making changes also.

Shows have done well since reopening from the pandemic. My local clubs are at or above prepandemic attendance. The hobby is active at every level. Let’s make it more enjoyable by sharing our passion, asking questions, and enjoying the trip.

Coin-related events are in the future. PNNA is hosting a table in the Hobby Hall of the Washington State Fair in September. Come by to see our exhibit or even check with Rick Schultz to volunteer a shift. Help is always appreciated. Other shows include: (see full message in The Nor’wester for a list; all shows are now complete.)

See you all on the floor and savor the expedition.

3rd Q 2022

I now have further proof that numismatics is returning to the days of old. On a recent adventure to Phoenix, Arizona, I couldn’t help but check out the coin hobby. And I was greeted with smiling faces and a great selection.

I had to stop at one shop just down the road because I kept driving past it. It gave me the bug to visit other locations. I did pick up a few 8 Reales for my own collection, a few 3-cent silvers for a customer and a couple of slabs that were just priced right. Inventory was bulging and all the shops I visited had multiple customers.

I also wanted to see if my time lined up with any of the local club meetings. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Phoenix Coin Club held at the Elks Lodge in Scottsdale. The members were very friendly and walked me through the evening activities. One of the members had binders of coins out for sale. I bought quite a few sliver dollars and was able to work out a price that was good for both of us. The icing on the cake was the winning of a Silver American Eagle in their raffle. I had great conversations with club members on breaks and after the meeting. Great batch of numismatists!

This also translates into our hobby in the northwest. PNNA and local shows have been well attended with dealers reporting great sales and buying activity. It is always great to see all my friends on the bourse floor. We travel from such varying locations, that we may only cross paths at the shows. The shows keep rolling along and to keep up on your local or regional shows, visit and check out the event calendar page ( Following is just a smattering of local shows. For all the local, regional and some national shows, check the website.

Here I go into my second term as your president. I am hoping to have many more accomplishment since COVID risks are diminishing. We are always brainstorming in the background and bouncing ideas off each other. We are always looking for new insights and input for the Board. Especially since we are evolving from the most recent pandemic. This is your invitation to join our brain trust. Our next Board meeting is on July 30th in the Portland home of James Reinders. Hope to see you.

One of the evolutions is the movement of the annual Portland show to the Monarch Hotel in Clackamas, Ore., November 12-13, 2022. Lots of dynamics required the movement and I would challenge each of you to help in the transition for the Willamette Coin Club.

Randy Van Wie has taken the helm of the Oregon Coin, Currency, Token and Medal Show. Show dates include June 26 (completed) and August 28 (upcoming).

The Scottish Rite Temple in Salem is the new location for the Northwest Token and Medal Society show. This celebrates their 35th anniversary. It will be in a nice large venue on July 10.

The Washington State Fair in Puyallup is September 2-25, and we can always use volunteers to fill short shifts throughout the month. Contact Rick Schultz to help him out. Great Fair and great exposure for numismatics. (First see for current information and volunteer schedule.)

PNNA’s Fall Coin Show in Tukwila will occur October 7-9. These shows have come back with a roar and don’t disappoint. At the spring show the dealers were fighting for table space.

October 16 will be the date of the Polk County Coin Show. This is a beautiful one day show at the Polk County Fairgrounds in Rickreal, Oregon.

I would do a disservice if I did not mention ANA Summer Seminar. It will have already happened by this printing, but everything I have heard is that it is back the full two weeks with all the usual activities and fellowship. If you have not gone, making the journey will change you as a numismatist. The knowledge, mentorship and environment will open your eyes. And PNNA offers one adult and one YN scholarship annually to attend.

It is happening all around and all you have to do is reach out to find the way you want your numismatics to occur. As always, check for our newsletter and current activities.

2nd Q 2022

by PNNA VP Rick Schulz, filling in for President Ed Fischer.

Spring has arrived and that means it is convention time. This year our spring convention and show has special meaning. It looks like we may be finally emerging from a very bleak two-year winter during which we’ve had to cancel our convention and show for reasons beyond our control. But this year, 2022, envigored by the renewal of life that spring represents, we will hopefully bounce back stronger than ever.

There are a few convention activities and features cancelled this year. Unfortunately, we will not have educational numismatic theater programs or collector exhibits this year. Boy and Girl Scout programs are also cancelled for this spring’s convention. We look forward to the return of these events at our fall and future spring shows. We will have our annual membership meeting at 6:00 p.m., Saturday, April 9. Join us for the “State of the Association” report, awards ceremony, and to ask your officers questions.

The PNNA board meets four times a year and you are always welcome to sit in. Our next meeting will be held at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 9.

Life in the numismatic community has been improving steadily over the past six month starting with our first fall show in Tukwila and continuing with the return of several local shows held over the following months. Many dealers and collectors have returned to the shows eager to buy and sell. While our spring show continues this trend, it offers an additional benefit for future local shows. By bringing local, regional and national dealers together under one roof, a lot of inventory will change hands, allowing collectors a better selection of items, both during our spring show and future local shows. I look forward to getting out onto the bourse floor this year, with my want list in hand, looking to fill a few holes in my collection and maybe find something new. If you see me out there, don’t hesitate to say hi. It is great to finally be able to talk to friends face-to-face again.

Coin shows are an important part of our collecting universe, though some might argue that with the advent of internet sales they are not as relevant. Coin shows give you the opportunity to hold a coin of interest in your hand and examine closely and compare with other coins. And, you can ask questions and get answers. But, most importantly, in this time of spring-like reawakening, you can meet with people, shake their hand and feel a sense of normalcy.

Coming up after our convention and show you can find a local show somewhere around the Pacific Northwest just about every weekend into June. Notable club shows include the Cowlitz show in Longview, Wash. (April 30), NW Token and Medal Society meeting in Olympia (May 1), Southern Idaho show in Boise (May 27-28) and Mid Valley Coin Club’s show in Albany, Ore. (May 28-29). For other Northwest shows and other major shows across the country check out our show calendar at

All the shows mentioned above don’t just happen. The smallest club shows and many of the huge national shows depend on volunteers to make them happen. For many organizations their shows are how they raise money to support their activities throughout the year. If you are a coin club member please volunteer some of your free time to support your club’s activities.

I hope you enjoy this year’s convention and show. Keep on collecting and having fun in our hobby.

1st Q 2022

Excitement is contagious!! The proof to that is in the faces of numismatists I saw at coin shows over the last three months. Those who came out were excited to renew old friendships, dust off their wish list and look at all the new collectables in the dealers’ cases.

I attended four of the larger local shows—located in Tukwila, Polk County, Portland and Salem. Each had its own personality and collectables. Every club should be commended for the hard work that goes into putting on a show. It isn’t something that falls together. Organizers have to pay attention to the details each time. Volunteers fill the gap where needed and the show goes on. Thank you to all.

A call to arms is needed to expand the numismatic base. PNNA is here for every club, show or for guidance. We cannot do this alone. Go out and reinvite those with an interest, bring in the YN and build your own excitement at the club level. Change it up a little bit. That is where the base starts, with the leadership at the ground level. Start a raffle, auction, educational segment, question and answer period or my favorite, “Big Edz Treasure Chest.” If you have questions, we at PNNA can help you find the answers.

It has been several years since the Northwest hosted an ANA national convention. PNNA has presented our proposal each year and we are overlooked by locations back east or in the middle. I will continue to hammer home our desire to bring the big guns to the Pacific Northwest. Whether it’s another in Portland or we try in the Seattle area. PNNA is your lobbyist! This spring the ANA National Money Show® is being held at the historic Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs. Should be a special show.

Our future holds many great opportunities to see what is in the cases. The two majors in the NW are the Boeing show (Jan. 15-16 at Kent Commons) and the PNNA convention and spring show (Apr. 8-10 at Tukwila Community Center). Please go to the website to see all the activity in the GREAT Pacific Northwest. There are great local club shows coming up in Olympia, Idaho, BC, Springfield and Albany.

Bring a friend, meet a friend or share your passion. It will all help our community.

4th Q 2021

The train is picking up steam and headed our way.  Shows, shows, shows are coming to a city near you.

Though at this writing, the Delta variant is in an all-out rage, Americans seem driven to go back to a life they once knew. Businesses are reopening, activities are getting rescheduled, and conventions are occurring with restrictions. We look forward to the numismatic community getting together and sharing some pent-up tales of the last year and a half.

First up is the PNNA Tukwila show being held at the Tukwila Community Center located at 12424 42nd Ave S in Tukwila, Wash. Friday the 8th of October will be open noon to 7 p.m., Saturday the 9th 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 pm. This is PNNA’s first show since the reopening. Hope to see you there.

Next is the one-day show organized by the Polk County Coin Club on Sunday, October 17. History has shown that this is a show with good attendance and great material for a local event. Located at the Polk County Fairgrounds, 520 S Pacific Hwy, Rickreall, Ore. Free admission, free parking and running 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Willamette Coin Club is back in business, hosting the largest coin show in the Portland area. Located in the exhibit hall of the DoubleTree Lloyd Center Hotel at 1000 NE Multnomah St, Portland, Ore. Dealer setup and early birds start at 3 p.m. on Friday. Show times are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, with early birds at 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. respectively. The Portland club knows how to treat collectors and dealers. They both go home happy. Admission is just $2.

Last one I will mention is the Salem Numismatic Society show located at the Oregon State Fairgrounds. Admission is $3 and you can attend Saturday, December 4th, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Sunday, December 5th, 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The Fairgrounds can be found at 2330 17th St NE, Salem, Ore. The show is advertised as 90+ tables of “coins and stamps.”

Reports from Rick Schultz are that the demonstration periods we participated in were well received during the Washington State Fair. He did say that attendance was down from previous years. Thank you, Rick and Kevin.

No matter your beliefs, you are welcome. Maybe you want to hold off a little longer, prefer to be one-on-one with your dealer, transact by courier or go face-to-face at a show. No doubt the face of numismatics has changed. We strive to meet you where you are by analyzing your feedback and evolving as an organization. You are WE! We rely on the comments you give us to assist in getting numismatist together.

I really want to thank all those who have been working behind the scenes at getting clubs and shows up and running. We don’t have all the power to move in any one direction. Often government intervention, politics and site policies dictate or swerve the plans we are making. Our volunteers working on shows and clubs have jumped the hoops and the show must go on.

The PNNA board recently met in our convenient restaurant called Spiffy’s. Unfortunately, they have now permanently closed. Very sad!! This meeting location allowed I-5 corridor board members to meet without too much road time. Maybe we can find another restaurant near there (Chehalis, Wash.) with great hospitality. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Change is constant they say, and we have had a lot over the recent challenge.

3rd Q 2021

Fast Moving, would be one of the adjectives we could use as the world around us opens up after the pandemic closures. The numismatic community is no exception to this.  We are getting updated information about accessibility every day and the best place to stay current is looking at our website.

I am fresh off the road trip for our first face-to-face PNNA board meeting in nearly a year and a half. It was really good to see and shake the hand of our comrades. Some shows and meetings are in full swing moving forward to normality and others are just getting their locations clearance to occupy. Check for the latest status on clubs and shows. Each of the board members are trying to feed up-to-date info to our webmaster.

Many clubs are still meeting online Zoom style, such as Portland and Seattle area. Others in Oregon have the next in-person meeting scheduled. By the time of the Tukwila show, I see most having a full schedule. No pandemic can keep a numismatist from his appointed rounds.

The board has created a scholarship in memory of Bill Mckivor, a recent loss to the board and northwest numismatics. The scholarship will go to a PNNA member to pay for registration to the UK Token Congress meeting, which normally takes place each fall. For more details, contact Scott Loos on specific requirements. It is the least we could do for a man who added so much color to every encounter we had.

It was also confirmed that we would recognize the previous recipients of the Summer Seminar scholarship winners. In case they are not able to attend, we will move forward with the process for 2022. Two years without Summer Seminar, boo hoo.

Now for the really good news. We have confirmed dates for upcoming shows this fall. Start saving your money, because the dealers have been adding to their inventory and the tables will be flush with the GOOD stuff. Upcoming shows include: 

  • September 18-19, Cave Man CC, Grants Pass, OR
  • October 8-10, PNNA Fall Convention, Tukwila Community Center, WA
  • October 17, Polk County CC, Polk County Fairgrounds, Rickreall, OR
  • November 12-14, Willamette CC, Portland, OR
  • December 4-5, Salem Coin & Stamp Show, Salem, OR
  • January 15-16, Boeing Employees CC, Kent, WA

This is just the majors here in the Northwest. There are also a number of small shows. So, go check them out.

The hope we projected in the last quarterly newsletter is materializing. Life is evolving into the new reality. Some will jump in; some will wait before rejoining groups and others will pick and choose the events and situation. I want everyone to be respectful of where others are coming from and welcome folks back to numismatics. Meet each other at the comfort levels they require and let’s do some coin collecting!!

2nd Q 2021

Hope is on the horizon.

We have been through a rough year that has affected just about every segment of society. But the current news is showing glimmers of moving in the right direction. In Oregon, counties are lightening up on restrictions. Restaurants are able to seat customers inside, bowling alleys and movie theatres are reopening.

It can’t be too long before we have coin club meetings and shows. A lot of this depends on the host venue and the county it lands in. I can realistically see PNNA having the show this coming fall. Regular events look to occur again and the bourse floor will be humming. (However, the Cowlitz and Mid Valley shows have been cancelled this spring, along with others.) With ever-increasing immunizations, it’s becoming safer and safer to meet up with friends. Please check the events page at

Coin collecting is still active if you look for it. There has been a shift in the way business is being done by purchasing online or one-on-one with sellers. People WANT to add goodies to their sets and collections. On a recent trip to Boise, I walked into a shop while my wife was visiting with her sister. I was pleasantly surprised to walk out with a box of slabbed silver dollars, a few gold sovereigns and a miscellaneous pile of other items. It was refreshing to be able to sit down and dicker my way through the inventory with an open shop.

Another kudo goes out to the clubs that have evolved into the 21st century by using technology to operate Zoom meetings. Board members of the Portland (Willamette) club have been running monthly meetings since early last summer. Seattle is next in line and at this writing is planning their first on their regular meeting date in March. (The meeting was a big success, with Joe Boling as speaker.) I foresee this reoccurring at least until full meetings are allowed. This is expanding and creates a new way to have numismatists gather around the figurative coin case. Who says a coin club is restricted by geography?

Though the numismatic world has slowed, PNNA is still functioning. We continue to have quarterly board meetings via Zoom during the restriction on coin shows and restaurants. Our next is April 10th at 10 a.m. and anyone is invited to see us in action. Contact myself or any of the Board member listed on the website and we will gladly reply with a Zoom invite. We pursue growth and sharing. This can only be done with input from other members and coin collectors. Some of my greatest thoughts were stolen from others while sharing conversations.

Another opportunity to share numismatics is by assembling a display for National Coin Week. It runs from April 18-24 and the subject is “Money, Big and Bold.” This commemorates the 100th anniversary of restriking the Morgan Dollar and the introduction of the Peace Dollar.

Also, included is commemoration of the Eisenhower Dollar of 1971. Find a bank, locate an open library or other public building to place an exhibit. Check the ANA website for ground rules so that your club can get the most credit.

This long pause of isolation hopefully gave you the time to reminisce about past discoveries, make plans for upgrades and piqued your interests in other subject matter. Be prepared, because when the front door to your local show opens, numismatists will be making those deals. Hope to see all of you on the bourse floor very soon.

1st Q 2021

President notes of incredible value and other nonsense.

I look back at a time when James Reinders ask me to run for Vice President. This is with the knowledge that my next step would be to fill his ample shoes for a probable two terms or four years as President. I am beginning to feel that I won’t have a lot of impact because of the total COVID shut down of the numismatic hobby. When things get rolling, we will have a lot of catching up to do. Our board is up to the task.

The Boeing show was recently canceled with hope of an even better 2022. I will miss the size and variety it offered for a local show. Another example is the recent cancelation of the ANA Phoenix show in March. May they get another chance to host in a few years. I like this one because it gave me an excuse to go to spring training baseball, visit family and soak up some sunshine. Other past cancelations included the Salem Numismatic Society and the Willamette Coin Club shows. And if you like Orlando in January—sorry, the FUN show has been cancelled.

The Polk County show went on with all the isolation and sanitation restrictions in place. Though there was some hesitation showing in the amount of attendance, those who did show up did some purchasing. A very strong show for me and my neighboring dealers.  January 25th is the next planned one-day show. Check for the most up-to-date functioning shows.

The upcoming PNNA board meeting in January will have a discussion about the spring Tukwila show. That location is currently showing spikes in COVID and the dynamic of using the community center make it all up in the air. Also, we may have more information about the Washington State Fair and scouting activities.

On a less gloomy note, national auctions have been showing brisk sales. eBay and Proxibid sales have good financial returns on collectables. Mail order collecting seems to back in vogue and word of mouth has shown that people want to add to their hoards.

Kudos again to the Willamette Coin Club for starting up a monthly Zoom meeting. I was informed that they had 30 people involved with their December meeting. They are having good attendance with YNs and all the regulars.  The meeting has evolved to include raffles, educational  content and a question/answer segment. GOOD JOB! If any of the other clubs in our area are tech savvy, take the lead and expand your community.

Many numismatists are still out there in the background. Doing their thing. Articles are being researched, books written, one-on-one sharing between friends over recent finds. We just have to make the effort to stay involved. I will continue to work with the board the best we can to search for those ways we can share, learn and give back.  Grab every opportunity.

Happily serving,
Ed Fischer