Exhibit messages

PNNA Exhibit History consolidated into PDF files

Thank you for your interest in PNNA collector exhibits.

Previously you could access the history of PNNA exhibits from 2001 to date, including many photos, via HTML files.

However, the software for creating these files, Microsoft Expression Web, has become obsolete, and a decision was made to replace the HTML files with PDF documents. (Next year we’ll also do this for the PNNA memorabilia catalog.)

There are currently four documents, covering Tukwila and Portland exhibits (when the PNNA held its fall coin show in conjunction with the WCC). See for links to these documents.

Although the PDF files contain reduced size images of exhibit cases without links to the full-size images, you can access all the full-size images in the folder Opening this folder in a browser will display a list of the images, each one with its own link, so you can view them and then download if desired. Filenames contain the year and exhibit number, for example, “Exh_2019_1a.JPG,” where “1” is the exhibit number and “a” is the first case of that exhibit. For years prior to 2008, the format may vary, with the exhibitor’s last name or exhibit subject replacing the exhibit number.

The PDF files contain the exhibit number (in brackets) for each exhibit with photos, so you can easily determine which files you would like to access.

One drawback is that browsers will normally only let you view and download one image file at a time. If you would like to download all or a large portion of the images (total size about 330 MB), then you can request that I share my Microsoft OneDrive folder (containing the images) with you. You should have a Microsoft account and be familiar with using OneDrive (which is a standard feature of Windows 11) before making the request.

If any other questions or concerns, or if you find any errors, please let me know. – Eric Holcomb (PNNA webmaster and exhibit chief judge)