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PNNA 2nd Q 2018 Nor’wester convention edition

The 2nd Quarter 2018 edition of the PNNA’s publication, The Nor’wester, is now available online at

Like last year, this is a 16-page spring convention special edition with eight color pages. Here’s a summary of the contents:

  • Important information about the upcoming annual PNNA convention in Tukwila (March 16-18), including a welcome message by General Chairman Kevin Charboneau.
  • PNNA President’s message by James Reinders.
  • An interesting feature article, “Robert Scot: First Appointed Chief Engraver of the United States Mint,” by Bill Nyberg, which will also be the featured Numismatic Theater presentation at the convention.
  • A summary of PNNA and ANA news available online, including information about National Coin Week.
  • Advertisements by ANACS, Heritage Auctions and local PNNA dealers.

Free paper copies of this edition will be available at the Tukwila show.

Back issues of The Nor’wester are available online.

Once again, thank you for your interest in the PNNA, and I hope to see you in Tukwila.

Eric Holcomb