General announcements

New PNNA Website

Welcome to the new mobile friendly PNNA website built with WordPress! Some linked pages (mostly containing historical information such as past convention reports) will remain “legacy” pages on the old website for now. [As of 2023, most of these old pages have been replaced, some converted to PDF files.] An alternative menu page is provided in case the main menu at the top of each page doesn’t work correctly.

The full address of the new website is (“www” is optional), although if you simply type “,” it should redirect automatically to the new website quickly. If not, there is a manual link to the new website. Several of the other high-level pages on the old website also redirect to the corresponding pages on the new website. [Most of these old pages are no longer available as of 2023.]

Enjoy the site – there are already more than 60 pages to view! If you find any problems such as broken links, or have any suggestions or educational content to add, or have any questions about PNNA events, please email