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Washington State Centennial Medals

Washington State Centennial Medal
Washington State Centennial Medal

In the autumn of 2019, the PNNA gave away the last of its hoard of Washington State Centennial Medals. It soon became apparent that a lot of folks had put together collections that fell a few pieces short of completion. [The complete set includes the state medal depicted above plus medals for each county.] To help people in this situation we established a clearing agent that would help connect those with extra medals with those who needed medals. This program was announced in the 2020 first-quarter issue of The Nor’wester. After a few logistical issues were resolved it looked like the program would be a success. Then the coronavirus struck and a lot of things were put on the back burner. Now it’s time to revive the Medals Clearing Agent program.

To take advantage of this program, simply email a list of the medals you need and a list of extra medals you’re willing to trade, to PNNA board member Tony Kalt, our clearing agent, will notify you of any matches, so that you can make arrangements to get together (perhaps at a major coin show). This is first-come, first-serve. The first person to get their list in will receive the first medals available. We will run this program for a year with reminders in each issue of The Nor’wester. If there is still interest in the program after a year has passed, it will be continued. Once no additional want lists are received for a period of time the program will be discontinued. So, put together your lists and send them as soon as possible. This may be your last opportunity to fill in your set! – Update by Rick Schulz.