General announcements

PNNA 3rd Q 2020 edition of The Nor’wester

The 3rd Quarter 2020 edition of the PNNA’s publication, The Nor’wester, is now available online at

Normally this would be the Washington State (Puyallup) Fair special edition, however, due to the cancellation of this year’s Fair, it’s a smaller 6-page regular edition. These pages were printed in black & white for mailing to members receiving paper copies, but you can view the pages in color online. Here’s a summary of the contents:

  • PNNA President’s message by Ed Fischer.
  • News about the Fair, about the PNNA and Willamette fall coin shows, about PNNA annual awards, and about collector exhibits.
  • Links to a few classic articles recently reformatted as PDF files on the PNNA website.
  • An interesting article, “Errors in the Description!” by PNNA Life Member Joe McCarthy.
  • Another interesting article, “Why Not Some Dime Re-Design?” by Mark Benvenuto.
  • An advertisement for the Inland Empire Coin Show, Aug. 22-23 in Post Falls, Idaho, which is one of the few shows still scheduled to take place in person.

Back issues of The Nor’wester are available online.

Once again, thank you for your interest in the PNNA!

Eric Holcomb
PNNA Editor/Webmaster