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PNNA 4th Q 2022 edition of The Nor’wester

The 4th Quarter 2022 edition of the PNNA’s publication, The Nor’wester, is now available online at

The Nor'wester cover - 4th Quarter 2022
The Nor’wester cover – 4th Quarter 2022

As announced last quarter, there will be only two main editions of The Nor’wester each year, for the spring convention and the fall coin show. This is one of those editions, and is the PNNA’s first full-color 24-page newsletter! Printed copies were available at the fall coin show in Tukwila in October.

Summary of 4th Quarter content:

  • Welcome to Tukwila by General Chairman Kevin Charboneau.
  • PNNA President’s message by Ed Fischer.
  • An extensive illustrated story about “The McVicker’s Theatre Medal” by James Bard.
  • PNNA news stories – “Penny Press Travels East” and “WashJam 2022 Report” by Rick Schulz.
  • PNNA spring convention news – “Kid’s and Family Education Activities Zone Makes Spring 2022 PNNA Show Special” by Walt Ostromecki.
  • “Examples of Conder Tokens” (with photos) to encourage you to apply for a scholarship to attend the British Token Congress in England next year.
  • Ads by Heritage Auctions and various other dealers.

Back issues of The Nor’wester are available online.

Once again, thank you for your interest in the PNNA!

Eric Holcomb
PNNA Editor/Webmaster